Brooklyn Pizza Style

Welcome to our flavorful journey through the renowned borough of Brooklyn, where we delve into the delectable world of Brooklyn Pizza Style. As the birthplace of this iconic culinary delight, Brooklyn has carved out a name for itself as a pizza lover’s paradise, attracting visitors from all corners of the globe. In this blog post, we will unravel the secrets behind the legendary Brooklyn Pizza Style, exploring its unique characteristics, mouthwatering toppings, and the vibrant culture that surrounds it. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and discover why Brooklyn Pizza Style has become an integral part of the city’s identity. So, grab a slice and join us as we uncover the magic of this beloved pizza tradition.

What is Brooklyn Pizza Style

The American history of pizza started when an old immigrant from Naples, Italy, introduced it to the culinary world of America. Many people often say they started in the year 1905.

The cooking procedure back in the day was very simple. All they used was tomato pizza sauce, flatbread, and classic cheese. However, the sauce used to be on top while the cheese remained underneath.

Since then, we have come a long way. There are thousands and thousands of pizzerias all across the world now. All the regions have customized their kind of pizzas as per their liking.

The Specialty Of Brooklyn Pizza Style

The crust of this particular kind of pizza is what distinguishes it from others. This one is crisper and airier in texture than the typical thick, sticky crust that many people are accustomed to.

Though the Chicago type (also known as deep-dish) is often derided for having a soupy texture, the Brooklyn style is considerably more balanced in the relationship between the crust, the sauce, and the topping.

The proportions of sauce, crust, and toppings are considerably more evenly distributed. The crust is spread out thin yet still soft enough to dig your teeth into when you bite into it.

In addition, as compared to normal pizza, the slices are often bigger; the diameter of a standard pizza is about 18 inches. This mix of breadth and thinness results in a flexible meal that can be folded in half while eating, convenient. It also makes the slices very portable, appropriate given the dish’s origins as a street snack.

The Birth of Brooklyn Pizza Style

When the first American pizza chain opened in New York, everyone went crazy over the new york style pizza. It was a classic and extremely loved by the locals.

The recipe included the same things as an original Italian pizza would have. But, the sauce is underneath the cheese. There’s a secret in the water of NYC, too, as per people.

The classic new york slice made an impression on the people of Brooklyn. Whereas the crust of a new york style pizza was hand-tossed, soft, and a little fluffy, the Brooklyn pizza was different.

The Brooklyn style pizza was a gracious 18-45 inches. However, the crust was completely different from any other pizza. It was light, crispy, yet tenderly soft on the inside. The amount of mozzarella cheese used was also different.

A Typical Brooklyn Pizza

So, what makes up a Brooklyn pizza? Well, many consider this pizza to be one of the more modern types but closely related to the parent Italia type of pizza.

As with many pizzas, the Brooklyn-style pizza is not the healthiest of all food options. This is due to the high-fat content contained in the dough and certain ingredients such as cheese.

This is why people with health-related issues are told to be very careful when eating such high-fat content meals.

The toppings of a Brooklyn-style pizza can be as diverse as New York city itself. However, the main difference between this pie and other pizzas in many pizzerias, such as Domino’s, is the crust. The crust of a Brooklyn-style pizza is what makes it unique.

If you prefer a little less dough than what a usual hand-tossed pizza offers but still want a little more than the thinner crusts provide, then Brooklyn pizzas are a great choice. The dough is usually hand-stretched to a particular size, as with many pizzas.

Most restaurants offer an array of toppings such as mushrooms, pepperoni, and black olives. These help to give your slice an extra crunch as you bite into it. These toppings are usually very large and are a very welcome sight for any hungry bellies out there.

As with most pies, the cheese and tomato sauce are the most important aspects of the pizza. But, with a Brooklyn-style pizza, the remaining ingredients are usually up to you!

While there are toppings on offer at most pizzerias, you should be able to pick and choose what you want for a delicious personalized pizza.


How Is Brooklyn Pizza Made?

Brooklyn pizza is made in different processes at almost every step. Let’s see what goes behind making the delicious Brooklyn pizza that you love every bite of.

There are two main vital pointers where your Brooklyn pizza gets a spin of its own! Let’s see what goes behind making a Brooklyn pizza.

1. The Base

The dough required for a classic Brooklyn pizza is much lesser than an NYC slice. The NYC slice has a thick crust, which takes a bigger dough ball. However, to give your Brooklyn pizza its crispiness, a small dough is stretched to become bigger.

If you take the dough used for a large NYC pizza, you can stretch it out to be an extra-large Brooklyn pizza.

A little extra touch of oil is added to the pizza dough to make the outside a bit crispier than other pizzas.

2. Condiments 

The toppings which are put on top of your pizza vary in this pizza. The classic pizzas always have one base cheese on them. However, in a Brooklyn pizza, there’s a blend of cheese that is used.

Mozzarella and Provolone are the two main kinds of cheese used in the making of the Brooklyn pizza. If you were wondering why Brooklyn style pizza is so special, this is undoubtedly the key.

When making a Brooklyn style pizza, it’s ensured that Provolone is used more in comparison to mozzarella. That is where the creamy taste comes from. The Brooklyn pizza always focuses more on being creamier than cheesier.

Pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, meatballs, sausages, and olives are suggested toppings for a traditional taste that is more common these days. Some individuals need more cheese, which may be considered an additional topping.

If you want a more classic pizza style, there are certain toppings that most genuine Brooklyn pizza fans do not consider, such as pineapple, hotdogs, tropical fruits, which are all popular in the city.

However, since there are no required toppings for a Brooklyn-style pizza, you may customize this to suit your preferences.

Best Places To Get Pizza In Brooklyn

You can enjoy a Brooklyn-style pizza at home or in a restaurant. Whether you make it at home, order takeout from Pizza Hut or Domino’s, or head to a pizzeria, you will get to experience the delights of this delicious pie.

Of course, traditional pizzerias are more likely to provide the best quality Brooklyn-style pizzas. However, most of these do not usually offer takeouts (although this has changed in the past year due to lockdowns and restrictions).

Therefore, dining in is generally the best and sometimes the only option for enjoying a pizza.

Luckily, there are an array of pizza shops in Brooklyn where you can get the real taste of Brooklyn-style pizzas and the culture of the area. Below are some of the best places to get a pizza in Brooklyn:

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Founded by Patsy Grimaldi, this pizzeria is over 100 years old and remains one of the top pizza joints in the whole of Brooklyn.

It is also one of the only remaining pizza shops to use coal stoves for the preparation of its pizzas. A favorite of locals as well as tourists, this is definitely a place to check out if you’re in or around Brooklyn.

Julian’s Pizzeria

Also founded by Patsy Grimaldi, Julian’s Pizzeria is located at 5064, 4th Avenue at Rosemount Shopping Center. It’s one of the best pizza shops in Brooklyn and was actually rated as the best pizzeria in the United States on Tripadvisor in 2015.

This pizzeria does not offer takeouts or take reservations and there is only a small selection on the menu for vegetarians. But, if you want the classic Brooklyn experience, this is the place to go.

Roberta’s Pizzeria

New York is obviously a huge tourist trap and Roberta’s Pizzeria is one of its many tourist sites. Thanks to this small pizzeria, Bushwick has been pushed to the front of tourism.

This pizza shop is one of only a few old pizzerias that still use a wood-oven method to cook the pizzas.

With mostly positive and rave reviews online, Roberta’s Pizzeria is a special place to enjoy a special Brooklyn-style pizza.

Lucali Brooklyn

Lucali Brooklyn is one of the most top-rated pizzerias in the whole of New York. This is mainly down to its large and diverse menu that caters to everyone.

From large pizzas to small calzones, you get the real Brooklyn experience at Lucali Brooklyn and some of the tastiest pizzas around.

Several celebrities have been known to frequent this pizza joint and it’s arguably the best known and best-loved pizzeria in the entire Brooklyn neighborhood.

Brooklyn-style pizzas can be enjoyed anywhere, not just Brooklyn. But, if you get the chance, head to these New York streets to immerse yourself in everything Brooklyn has to offer, including the delicious pizzas on most street corners.

The Best Way To Serve Brooklyn Pizza Style

Brooklyn-style pizzas tend to be cut into 6 slices. This is in contrast to other thick-dough pizzas, such as the New York which are cut into 8 or 16 triangular pieces.

Moreover, Brooklyn-style pizzas are cut into squares, not triangles. This is because of the thin crust which can break more easily.

The last thing you want with a Brooklyn pizza is for it to go floppy. Due to its thin dough and crust, this can become a problem if the whole pie is covered by a pizza box.

The box’s cover helps to steam the pizza resulting in a reduced crustiness. This decreased crustiness can cause Brooklyn Style pizzas to go soggy and floppy, making them pretty hard to eat.

Once you have your pizza in hand, it is almost impossible to eat a largely cut, thin, floppy slice. It will simply disintegrate and you will be left covered in cheese and the toppings of your choice!

This is why Brooklyn-style pizzas come with square slices. This reduces the chance of breaking which is more common with triangular pieces of pizza.

However, if you can’t stand the idea of a square slice of pizza, you can ask your delivery service or restaurant to cut your Brooklyn pizza into triangular slices.



What is Brooklyn-style pizza?

Brooklyn-style pizza is a type of pizza that originated in Brooklyn, New York. It is characterized by its thin and crispy crust, often with a slight chewiness in the center.

How is Brooklyn-style pizza different from other pizza styles?

Brooklyn-style pizza differs from other styles, such as Neapolitan or Chicago deep-dish, primarily in its thin crust and larger slice size. It is known for its foldability and generous toppings.

What are the typical toppings used on a Brooklyn-style pizza?

Typical toppings for a Brooklyn-style pizza include classic options like mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. However, the toppings can vary based on personal preferences.

Is there a specific type of cheese that is used on Brooklyn-style pizza?

The most common cheese used on Brooklyn-style pizza is low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella. However, some pizzerias may use a blend of different cheeses or variations based on their recipes.

What makes Brooklyn-style pizza unique?

Brooklyn-style pizza stands out for its large, thin slices with a crispy crust. It is often characterized by a balance of flavors, a generous amount of toppings, and the ability to fold the slices for easy consumption.

Can I find Brooklyn-style pizza outside of New York City?

Yes, Brooklyn-style pizza has gained popularity beyond New York City, and many pizzerias across the United States and internationally offer their version of this style.

Can I order a Brooklyn-style pizza with specific dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or vegan?

Some pizzerias may offer gluten-free or vegan options for their Brooklyn-style pizza, but availability can vary. It’s best to check with the specific pizzeria to see if they accommodate your dietary preferences.

Are there any toppings I should avoid when ordering a Brooklyn-style pizza?

There are no specific toppings to avoid for Brooklyn-style pizza. It ultimately depends on your personal taste preferences. However, some toppings like anchovies or certain spicy ingredients may not be as common in this style.

Can I customize the toppings on my Brooklyn-style pizza?

Yes, most pizzerias allow customization of toppings on a Brooklyn-style pizza. You can typically choose from a variety of toppings to create your desired combination.

How long does it take to cook a Brooklyn-style pizza?

The cooking time for a Brooklyn-style pizza can vary depending on the oven and temperature used by the pizzeria. Generally, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to bake a Brooklyn-style pizza.

What kind of flour is used for the dough in Brooklyn-style pizza?

Brooklyn-style pizza dough is typically made using high-protein bread flour. This type of flour helps achieve the desired texture and chewiness of the crust.

Is Brooklyn-style pizza always made with a thin crust?

Yes, the defining characteristic of Brooklyn-style pizza is its thin crust. However, the thickness can vary slightly from pizzeria to pizzeria, with some offering a slightly thicker variation.

Can I order Brooklyn-style pizza for delivery?

Yes, many pizzerias that specialize in Brooklyn-style pizza offer delivery services. You can check with local pizzerias or online delivery platforms to see if they offer this style.

Can I reheat leftover Brooklyn-style pizza?

Yes, leftover Brooklyn-style pizza can be easily reheated in a conventional oven, toaster oven, or microwave. Heating methods may vary depending on personal preference and desired texture.

Is Brooklyn-style pizza suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Brooklyn-style pizza can be suitable for vegetarians. You can choose from a variety of vegetable toppings, such as mushrooms, onions, peppers, olives, and more, to create a vegetarian-friendly pizza.


Brooklyn style pizza is an American favorite. It has traveled across many nations by now. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful and tender slice of pizza filled with crispy-cheesy goodness?

Brooklyn pizza has many alternatives for vegetarians, too, now. Now that you’re hungry reading about all these Brooklyn pizza facts, it’s time to treat yourself to one! Hence, we hope by now you know what Brooklyn style pizza is and why it is so special. Till the next time, happy feasting!

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