How Big Is A Large Papa Johns Pizza?

How big is a large papa johns pizza? – Looking to prepare a big Papa John’s pizza at home for family night? Or perhaps you want a slice of pleasure but don’t want to always order takeout. Regardless of your justification, knowing the dimensions of a big Papa John’s pizza can be useful for both professional chefs and home cooks.

In this article, we’ll examine in detail the question, “How big is a large Papa John’s pizza?” in relation to traditional Papa John’s pies. In order for you to create the perfect pizza experience, whether you order from a restaurant or make one at home, we’ll also go over how much pizza is included in each size.

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What Is All The Size of Papa John’s Pizza?

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Papa John’s offers a wide range of pizza sizes, ranging from personal pan pizzas to large party-sized pies. Whether you’re looking for something small and intimate or something large enough for a crowd, Papa John’s has got you covered. Let’s take a closer look at the different options available:

Small Pizza

Depending on the area, the size of a small pizza at Papa John’s may vary slightly, but normally it has a circumference of about 10 inches (25 cm). Although the precise number of slices can also vary, it often falls between 6 and 8. In terms of serving size, a small pizza typically serves one to two people, depending on appetite and preferred portion sizes.

Advantages of ordering a small pizza:

  • Portion control: A small pizza allows for better portion control, especially if you’re dining alone or have a smaller appetite. It can help avoid overeating or food waste.
  • Affordability: Small pizzas are often more affordable compared to larger sizes, making them a budget-friendly option.
  • Customization: With a small pizza, you can experiment with different toppings and flavors without committing to a larger pie.

Also available at Papa John’s are a number of speciality pizzas with pre-decided topping combinations, such as the “Meatball Pepperoni,” “Garden Fresh,” or “BBQ Chicken Bacon.” Additionally, you can alter the mini pizza to suit your tastes by adding or deleting toppings.

In order to further customize your little pizza, Papa John’s also offers a variety of crust options, including the classic hand-tossed, thin crust, and pan crust.

Medium Pizza

The standard diameter of a medium pizza at Papa John’s is 12 inches (30 cm). Slice counts can vary, but typically range from 8 to 10. A medium pizza can often serve two to three people, depending on appetite and preferred portion sizes.

Benefits of choosing a medium pizza

  • Versatility: A medium pizza offers a good balance between individual portions and sharing. It can be a great choice for a small gathering or when you want to enjoy a variety of flavors with a few friends or family members.
  • Value for money: Medium pizzas often provide a good value for the price, as they offer a larger serving size compared to a small pizza without being too overwhelming.
  • Customization options: Like other sizes, medium pizzas at Papa John’s can be customized with a variety of toppings and crust types, allowing you to tailor the pizza to your preferences

Additionally, you can pick from one of Papa John’s speciality pizzas, such “Hawaiian BBQ Chicken,” “The Works,” or “Spicy Italian.” You also have the freedom to choose the crust type, add or remove toppings, and even select speciality sauces like BBQ or garlic sauce to make your medium pizza exactly how you want it.


Large Pizza

The standard diameter of a large pizza at Papa John’s is 14 inches (36 cm). Slice counts can vary, although they often fall between 10 and 12. A big pizza can often serve three to five people, depending on appetite and preferred portion sizes.

Advantages of ordering a large pizza

  • Ideal for sharing: A large pizza is perfect for gatherings, parties, or family meals where you want to share a delicious meal with others.
  • Cost-effective for groups: If you’re dining with a group of people, ordering a large pizza can be more cost-effective compared to multiple smaller pizzas, allowing everyone to enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.
  • Leftovers: Large pizzas often provide leftovers, which can be enjoyed later as a quick and convenient meal.

Papa John’s offers speciality pizzas with distinctive flavor combinations in addition to standard toppings, such as the “Philly Cheesesteak,” “Super Hawaiian,” or “Garden Fresh.” By choosing multiple crust varieties, such as the original hand-tossed, thin crust, or pan crust, you may further customize your huge pizza.

Extra-Large Pizza

The average diameter of a Papa John’s extra large pizza is between 16 and 18 inches (41 and 46 cm). The number of slices varies, but typically ranges from 12 to 16. An extra-large pizza can feed anywhere from six to eight people, depending on their appetites and how much they like to eat.

Benefits of choosing an extra-large pizza:

  • Perfect for larger groups or gatherings: An extra-large pizza is an excellent choice when you have a larger group of people to feed. It can be an efficient and convenient way to provide a delicious meal for everyone without the need for multiple pizzas.
  • Value for money: Ordering an extra-large pizza often offers great value for money, as it provides a larger serving size compared to smaller options. It can be a cost-effective choice for feeding a crowd.
  • Leftovers or future meals: With an extra-large pizza, you are likely to have leftovers that can be enjoyed later. It provides the convenience of having ready-made meals for another day.

Pizzas like the “Epic Meatz” and the “Papa’s Favorite” are just two examples of the speciality pizzas available in extra-large proportions. You may further personalize your extra-large pizza by selecting from a variety of crust options, such as the traditional hand-tossed, the thin crust, or the pan crust.

How Big Is A Large Papa Johns Pizza?

Papa John’s large pizzas are 14 inches in diameter and come with 8 slices. It’s the right size to satisfy a group of four eaters or more. A large Papa John’s pizza has more than 1400 calories, or around 230 calories per slice. About 20–25 grams of fat can be found in a quarter-inch thick crust. Up to 8 oversized pieces, loaded with sauce, meat, and cheese, come with every big Papa John’s pizza.

How Many People Does A Large Papa John’s Pizza Feed?

A big pizza from Papa John’s has enough toppings to feed at least four people. Depending on how hungry everyone is, it should be easy to provide food for a family of five, with room for one more slice in case someone arrives late.

How Many Slices Does A Large Papa’s John Pizza Have?

A big Papa John’s pizza can easily feed a group of people thanks to its convenient 8-slice serving size. All of the toppings, cheese, and sauce that you love are generously distributed throughout each slice.

When ordering from Papa John’s, how big should I expect my pizza to be? Papa John’s huge pizzas have a diameter of 14 inches and are divided into 8 pieces. It’s ideal for a get-together with family or close friends, as it can accommodate four people comfortably. Papa John’s pizza is always delicious because it uses the same classic ingredients and crust.

How Many Calories In A Large Papa’s John Pizza?

A large Papa John’s pizza has a total of more than 1400 calories, which breaks down to approximately 230 calories per slice on average. It is always ideal to keep an eye on how much you are eating because the calorie content may quickly build up, and this applies to all different kinds of meals.

If you are familiar with the dimensions of a large pizza from Papa John’s, you will be well-prepared to create the ideal pizza at home or to calculate the number of slices required for your next takeout order. Whether you are in the mood for a thin crust or chunky toppings, you will have all the knowledge necessary to create your best pizza experience with the information that has been provided in this article.

Now that we’ve discussed how big a large pizza from Papa John’s is, all that’s left to do is get your favorite toppings and start eating!


How Many Pizzas To Order

Pizza is a great option for feeding a large group, but it can be tricky to estimate how many people will be attending. One should begin with fundamentals such as:

  • In what numbers do you anticipate
  • Please tell me the total number of guests, including adults and children.
  • Is pizza going to be all there is on the menu?
  • Do you plan on eating the rest of it yourself or serving it to guests?

You can begin the calculations once you have collected all the necessary data. The initial slice count is exactly proportional to pizza size. Case in point:

  • There are six pieces on a small pizza that’s between 8 and 10 inches (20 and 25.5 cm) in diameter.
  • A 12″ (30.5 cm) medium pizza is cut into 8 pieces.
  • There are 10 pieces on a large pizza that is 14 inches (35.5 cm) in diameter.
  • There are 12 pieces on an extra-large pizza that’s between 16 and 18 inches (40.5 and 46 cm) in circumference.


People’s hunger is the next problem to solve. It’s difficult to predict how many pieces of pizza someone will eat. Roughly speaking, three pieces per adult and two slices per youngster is a good approximation.

Knowing who among your pals has a voracious pizza appetite can help you plan accordingly. If you’re ordering pizzas that are on the smaller side or have a thin crust, you should factor in an extra piece for each individual.

One alternative method involves using a medium pizza, which typically has 8 slices, as a basis for the calculation. Divide the total number of guests by two for children and three for adults. Next, divide that figure by how many slices you’d like from your pizza’s total diameter.


You also need to consider the meal’s context and the time of day. When planning a group lunch, a single big pizza should suffice for two to four persons.

However, if you plan on staying together for a while, Sunday sports day dinner with other snacks like chips and wings will likely require at least two to four pizzas.

If you need to order pizza for a large group, say 10 to 50 people, the best way to figure out how many to order is to utilize an online pizza calculator. If you fill in all the blanks, the final product will be more accurate.

  • Estimated Population Size
  • Number of adults
  • Those who will likely only consume a single serving
  • How many people are there who will consume more than one slice?
  • Number of pizza slices

For kid-friendly celebrations, there is one secret. You can get medium pizzas and have them chopped into 10 pieces for this event, but don’t forget to account for the adults!

Order For A Group

When planning for larger groups of people, such as parties or family reunions, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. In such a scenario, you must:

  • Get the biggest pizza size they offer.
  • Determine expected food waste
  • Order on time

What Is The Price of A Large Papa John’s Pizza?

Papa John’s offers customizable pizzas, so the cost of a large pie will change depending on the toppings you select. A big pizza with one topping will cost roughly $15, but a pizza with more toppings and a wider variety of sauces and cheeses will cost more. Most Papa John’s restaurants also have online coupons and discounts to help you save money.



How big is a large Papa John’s pizza?

A large Papa John’s pizza typically has a diameter of 14 inches.

How many slices are in a large Papa John’s pizza?

A large Papa John’s pizza is usually cut into 10 slices.

What is the serving size of a slice from a large Papa John’s pizza?

The serving size of a slice from a large Papa John’s pizza may vary, but it is generally considered to be one slice per person.

Is a large Papa John’s pizza suitable for sharing with a group?

Yes, a large Papa John’s pizza is commonly shared among a group of people, making it a popular choice for gatherings or parties.

How does the size of a large Papa John’s pizza compare to other sizes?

A large Papa John’s pizza is one of the larger sizes offered and is larger than a medium or small pizza.

Can I customize the toppings on a large Papa John’s pizza?

Yes, Papa John’s offers a variety of toppings and allows customers to customize their large pizza with their preferred toppings.

How does the price of a large Papa John’s pizza compare to other sizes?

The price of a large Papa John’s pizza is generally higher than smaller sizes due to the larger quantity of ingredients used.

Can I order half-and-half toppings on different parts of my large Papa John’s pizza?

Yes, Papa John’s allows customers to customize their large pizza with different toppings on each half.

How many people can a large Papa John’s pizza feed?

A large Papa John’s pizza can typically feed about 3-4 people, depending on appetite and portion size.

Are there any special deals or discounts available for large Papa John’s pizzas?

Papa John’s frequently offers promotions and deals that may include discounts on large pizzas. These can vary by location and time.

Can I order a large Papa John’s pizza for delivery?

Yes, Papa John’s offers delivery services, allowing you to order a large pizza and have it delivered to your location.

Are there any additional charges for extra toppings on a large Papa John’s pizza?

Yes, there may be an additional charge for extra toppings on a large Papa John’s pizza. The cost may vary depending on the toppings chosen.

Is the size of a large Papa John’s pizza consistent across all locations?

Yes, the size of a large Papa John’s pizza is consistent across all Papa John’s locations, ensuring a standardized experience.

Can I order a half pizza (half of a large pizza) from Papa John’s?

Papa John’s typically does not offer the option to order half of a large pizza. You would need to order a whole pizza.

Can I get a refund or exchange if I am not satisfied with the size of a large Papa John’s pizza?

Papa John’s has a customer satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not satisfied with your pizza, you can contact the store for a refund or exchange.


With this information in hand, you should have no trouble estimating how much pizza to cook or order from Papa John’s. No matter how many people you need to feed, a large Papa John’s Pizza will do the trick. This evening, why not treat yourself to the goodness that is a Papa John’s pizza? We promise you won’t be let down!

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