How Big Is A Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

Do you need to know how big is a large pizza hut pizza? Everyone is always curious about the size of a Pizza Hut large, whether it’s for a party, a work lunch, or just because pizza is awesome. The fact that pizza places serve varying sized slices can be perplexing. However, regardless of your origin, you should be aware of just how huge a Pizza Hut large is.

That’s why we compiled this list, complete with everything from standard portion sizes to suggested eateries, to help clear the air. Read on to find out how big a large Pizza Hut pizza actually is, whether you’re a home cook searching for dinner inspiration, a businessperson hoping to place an order before lunch, or a professional chef in search of new recipes.

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Who Is Pizza Hut?

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Pizza Hut has been providing the world with mouthwatering pies since 1958. It’s unlikely that Dan and Frank Carney, who opened the first Pizza Hut in Wichita, envisioned their company becoming as ubiquitous as it is today.

Pizza Hut, which now has more than 18000 locations and is headquartered in Plano, Texas, is an Italian-American restaurant chain. When compared to other pizza chains around the world, Pizza Hut has the most locations.

The restaurants are based on the premise of a relaxed family meal and promote themselves with the slogan “Flavor of Now!” Wine with an Italian bent, dry pasta, olive oil, tomato sauce, and a plethora of other Mediterranean staples are all on the menu. In fact, Italian food is one of the top three most ordered types at American restaurants.

Yum! Pizza Hut is a franchise with thousands of independent business owners all around the world. Brands, Inc. Around the world, the company employs more than 160 thousand employees.

What Size Is A Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

At Pizza Hut, a large pizza has a diameter of 14 inches and can feed an average of five people. The Personal Pan Pizza has a diameter of 6 inches and is suitable for serving one or two people. Inexpensive for large gatherings, a large pizza can cost as little as $14 depending on the toppings and crusts chosen.

How to Know The Size of A Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

Understanding how to calculate the size of a large pizza is crucial for determining how big a Pizza Hut large is. Consult your neighborhood pizzeria if you want to know the size of a large pizza. Restaurants can differ from one another in this regard. If you’d want a more accurate measurement, you may also use a ruler or tape measure to determine the distance between the two sides of the crust.

Why Should You Know How Big Is A Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

You can make sure you order enough pizza for everyone by knowing the dimensions of a big pizza Hut pizza. Imagine how humiliating it would be to order a little pizza for your family dinner only to realize that it was insufficient. So it’s important to understand how big a large Pizza Hut Pizza is. The most comprehensive description of a large pizza Hut pizza’s size is provided in the paragraphs that follow.

How Big Is A Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

Now let’s discuss how big a large pizza from Pizza Hut is:

In general, a Pizza Hut large’s size varies depending on the restaurant. Hut Pizza’s huge pizzas are typically 14 inches in diameter and offer 4-6 servings each. It’s crucial to keep in mind that depending on the restaurant, the size of any specific pizza can change.


How Many Slices Can Have in A Large Pizza Hut Pizza?

We can try learning how many pieces there are in a large pizza Hut Pizza after learning how big a large pizza Hut Pizza is. Hut Pizza’s large pizzas typically come with 12 slices, though this varies from restaurant to restaurant. It’s important to remember to ask your restaurant how big a large Pizza Hut pizza is.

How Many People Does A Large Pizza Feed?

A big pizza can serve four to six people, according to Pizza Hut. A large pizza may serve at least four to five persons if an average adult can eat two to three slices of it. Furthermore, it is a great size for four to eight kids.

What Are The Crust Types Available For A Large Pizza?

Hand Tossed, Thin’ N Crispy®, Original Pan®, and Original Stuffed® Crust pizzas all come in a 14-inch big size. Hand Tossed Crust, Thin’ N Crispy Crust®, and Original Pan® Crust are all priced at $15.49. A large Original Stuffed Crust® pizza, on the other hand, starts at $18.49.

Some Popular Pizza Hut Pizzas

As I already stated, Pizza Hut offers a wide selection. You can choose from a variety of delectable pizzas with various crust and topping options. However, I can’t possibly tell you about every item on their menu in the brief time I have. Let’s talk about that at a later time.

For the time being, I’ve chosen a few of the most well-known Pizza Hut pies, and I’ll tell you everything about their costs and variations. Here is a brief overview of the prices on the Pizza Hut menu. Let’s begin the list of some of the most well-known Pizza Hut pies.

Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza

The Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza is unquestionably a pizza for meat lovers. The pizza is stuffed with beef, Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, ham, pig, and other types of meat. Can you picture it? The only pizza available in small/personal size is the Meat Lover’s pan pizza, which is also available in medium and large sizes.

Pizza Hut BBQ Lover’s Pizza

Do you prefer the chewy, fried meat to the charred, smokey pork? In that case, you would adore the Pizza Hut BBQ Lover’s pizza. It is stuffed full of barbecued beef, poultry, and vegetables. You’d almost feel like chowing down on a charcoal-grilled pizza.

Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

How can we discuss popular pizzas without including America’s favorite toppings? There’s no need to introduce pepperoni. We all eat it and enjoy it. These screams of the hungry were heard by Pizza Hut, which responded with a variety of pepperoni pizzas.

Pizza Hut Cheese Pizza

The Pizza Hut cheese pizza is the pie for you if you enjoy the ultimate cheese pull in pizza. It is stuffed full of delectable cheese that is expertly seasoned to produce that gooey, cheesy feel.


Pizza Hut Veggie Lover’s Pizza

Vegans do not need to feel excluded. Pizza Hut has created special vegetarian and vegan pizzas because it recognizes that FOMO exists. Cheese is included on the vegetarian pizza for the ultimate cheese pull. However, there are pizzas available for those who have vowed to avoid anything animal-based. They are created using only delicious and vegan ingredients.

How Many Pizza Hut Pies Should I Order?

Whether you are ordering for a group or just for two, you’ll need to get your number right. If you’re hungry and you need a pie to fuel your afternoon, a small pizza would do. But, if you’re in a large group, the large-sized pie might be an understatement!

But how do you know the number of pies to order? How will you balance the risk of dealing with leftovers and having too little for your guests? How many slices will the adults take, and how many less for the kids?

Order with three slices for adults in mind, and two for kids. But, remember that the kids don’t have to take too much. Of course, they will insist, but you’ve got to be smarter. If kids took two small pieces, they would appreciate more than one large slice. Ask the attendant to cut the pie into more slices.

How To Order From Pizza Hut

Once you’ve determined how many pizzas you’ll need, place your order properly. Pizza Hut provides dozens of practical options for you to order your preferred snack.

You can place your order by entering any store on foot. Or you can get in touch with the business and ask them to send a pizza delivery person to your house.

When you want to sit down, eat your lunch, and then go, using the walk-in option is practical. Even cash is accepted here, and you can place a direct order for your own pizza.

Alternately, you may relax on your living room couch while the delivery people get to work.

The best aspect is that you can place a Hut Pizza order from your Xbox and other practical channels.

Ordering By Phone

All you need to do is call the local store if you have its phone number or email address. Your pizza should be delivered in under an hour.=

Ordering Online

Domino’s began implementing a plan to use high-tech delivery methods in 2010. Pizza Hut decided to branch out and open restaurants all over the world.

Both restaurants achieved their goals: Hut topped the world in the number of locations, while Domino’s confirmed its dominance in online orders.

When utilizing your phone, your Yelp or Google Maps app might come in helpful. To find the closest restaurant to your home or location, just look. Next, see if the Pizza Hut location has the pizza you’re after.

But according to The Drum, Pizza Hut is already carrying out a big effort to unseat Domino’s as the leading online ordering company. In order to ensure that you may place your orders from any social media platform, the chain has already launched a number of bots and an online department.

Order From Pizza Hut App

Join the 20 million other smartphone users who use the app to order Pizza Hut pizzas and other items. The app works on both iOS and Android devices. With the help of this software, the restaurant is essentially in your hands.



How big is a large pizza at Pizza Hut?

A large pizza at Pizza Hut typically measures 14 inches in diameter.

How many slices are in a large Pizza Hut pizza?

A large Pizza Hut pizza is usually cut into 8 slices.

How many people can a large Pizza Hut pizza feed?

A large Pizza Hut pizza can generally feed 3 to 5 people, depending on individual appetites.

Is a large pizza at Pizza Hut bigger than other pizza chain’s large pizzas?

The size of a large pizza can vary slightly between different pizza chains, but generally, the dimensions are similar.

Can I customize the toppings on a large Pizza Hut pizza?

Yes, you can customize the toppings on a large Pizza Hut pizza according to your preferences.

Are there any specialty large pizzas available at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut offers a variety of specialty large pizzas with unique flavor combinations, such as their Meat Lover’s or Supreme pizzas.

Is the crust thickness the same for all large Pizza Hut pizzas?

Pizza Hut offers different crust options, including thin crust, hand-tossed, and pan crust, for their large pizzas.

How does the size of a large Pizza Hut pizza compare to other sizes?

A large Pizza Hut pizza is larger than a medium but smaller than an extra-large.

Can I order a large pizza for delivery from Pizza Hut?

Yes, Pizza Hut offers delivery service, and you can order a large pizza to be delivered to your doorstep.

Does the price of a large Pizza Hut pizza vary by location or region?

The price of a large Pizza Hut pizza may vary slightly depending on the location and regional pricing.

Are there any combo deals or meal offers with a large Pizza Hut pizza?

Pizza Hut often offers combo deals and meal offers that include a large pizza along with sides and drinks.

Can I order half-and-half toppings on a large Pizza Hut pizza?

Yes, Pizza Hut allows customers to customize their large pizzas with different toppings on each half.

Are there any limited-time or seasonal promotions for large pizzas at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut occasionally introduces limited-time or seasonal promotions that may include special deals or discounts on large pizzas.

Can I get a refund or exchange if the size of a large Pizza Hut pizza is not as expected?

Pizza Hut has a customer satisfaction policy, and if you are not satisfied with your order, you can contact them for assistance.

Is there a difference in price between a large pizza with one topping and a large specialty pizza?

Yes, typically, a large specialty pizza with multiple toppings may be priced slightly higher than a large pizza with just one topping.


In conclusion, a large Pizza Hut pizza typically measures around 14 inches in diameter, making it an ideal choice for sharing among a group of friends or family. With its generous size, it offers plenty of slices to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Whether you’re craving classic flavors or unique toppings, Pizza Hut’s large pizza is a delicious and sizable option that promises to deliver a memorable dining experience.

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